Đối với những ai bị mất gốc tiếng Anh thì việc rèn luyện kỹ năng phát âm, nghe và nói là rất quan trọng. Để có thể tự học tiếng Anh ở nhà một cách hiệu quả, chúng ta cần thực tập, sử dụng cũng như tiếp xúc với tiếng Anh càng nhiều càng tốt. Học hoặc luyện nghe tiếng Anh qua truyện là một trong những phương pháp học hiệu quả, thú vị.

Các câu chuyện tiếng Anh đem lại cho chúng ta những điều lý thú của cuộc sống và tạo cảm giác hứng thú cho người học. Ngoài ra việc đọc truyện tiếng Anh cũng giúp chúng ta có thể học được cách viết, đọc, cũng như cách sử dụng ngữ pháp tiếng Anh trong mọi trường hợp một cách đơn giản nhất.

Mucwomen chia sẻ một bộ tài liệu gồm 100 truyện tiếng Anh siêu ngắn cho người mất gốc tiếng Anh muốn tự học tiếng Anh ở nhà, hoặc những bạn mới bắt đầu học tiếng Anh.

Các phần trước:

81. Good Manners

Michelle eats with her family. She wants to eat peas. She asks her mom, “Will you please pass me the peas?” The mom smiles. She gives her the plate. Michelle gets a gift from her dad. She thanks him. Michelle sees a classmate cry. She gives the classmate a tissue. Michelle has really good manners.


82. The Trouble with Braces

He has bad teeth. He gets braces. He goes to school. He starts to talk. His classmates see his braces. They make fun of him. He feels sad. He closes his mouth. He stops talking. His teacher asks him a question. He decides to talk. He does not care if people make fun of him anymore.


83. Lost on the First Day

It is the first day of high school. She is completely lost. She has never been here before. Her first class is Spanish. The class is in the A building. A staff member sees her wandering around. He gives her a map. She looks at it. She finds her Spanish class.


84. Stealing is Bad

Donna and her uncle go to a school supplies shop. Donna sees a pink eraser. She likes it. She does not have any money. She puts the eraser in her pocket. She runs out of the store. Her uncle sees her. He tells her that stealing is bad. He puts the eraser back. He makes Donna apologize to the manager.


85. Picking Her Up

He is talking to his friends. His cell phone rings. He answers it. It is his sister. She asks if he could pick her up at school. He tells her to wait. He gets off the couch. He tells his friends to leave. He drives his car. He parks on the street. His sister gets in the car.


86. Saving the Princess

The princess is stuck in the tower. A dragon will eat her soon. The king and queen are sad. They offer to give money to the person who saves her. They put up posters around town. A poor farmer sees it. He climbs up the tower. He gets the princess. He takes her to his horse. They ride back to town.


87. Make It Hot, Make It Cold

He wants to eat some pizza. He opens the refrigerator. He reaches for the frozen pizza. It is cold. He wants it to be hot. He puts it in the microwave. He heats the pizza for five minutes. His sister wants to drink cold water. She gets a bottle of water from the kitchen. It is warm. She puts it in the refrigerator.


88. A Good Shower

She goes to the market. She buys ingredients for lunch and dinner. She goes to the pharmacy. She picks up her medicine. She goes to school. She takes three tests. She goes to the park. She runs ten laps. She finally goes home. She is tired and sweaty. What a day! She takes a cold shower. She feels good.


89. The Wrong Color

He waits for his package. He is excited. He will finally get his t-shirt today. He waits outside his house. The mail carrier gives him the package. He opens it. The t-shirt is red. He ordered the blue one. He is upset. He calls the company. The manager apologizes. He will send the blue t-shirt for free.


90. Forgetting Her Glasses

She goes to English class. She reaches into her backpack. Her glasses are not inside. She cannot see anything. Her teacher writes the sentence: “The cat chases the ball.” The teacher asks the students to copy this sentence. She squints. She still cannot see the sentence. She sits closer to the board. She will never forget her glasses again.