Đối với những ai bị mất gốc tiếng Anh thì việc rèn luyện kỹ năng phát âm, nghe và nói là rất quan trọng. Các nguyên tắc cơ bản nhất để học tốt ngoại ngữ là thực tập, sử dụng cũng như tiếp xúc với ngoại ngữ đó càng nhiều càng tốt. Học qua truyện tiếng Anh là một trong những phương pháp học Anh hiệu quả, thú vị.

Các câu chuyện tiếng Anh đem lại cho chúng ta những điều lý thú của cuộc sống và tạo cảm giác hứng thú cho người học. Ngoài ra việc đọc truyện tiếng Anh cũng giúp chúng ta có thể học được cách viết, đọc, cũng như cách sử dụng ngữ pháp tiếng Anh trong mọi trường hợp một cách đơn giản nhất.

Mucwomen chia sẻ một bộ tài liệu học tiếng Anh gồm 100 truyện ngắn tiếng Anh cho người mất gốc hoặc những bạn mới bắt đầu học tiếng Anh.

Các phần trước:

41. An Unhealthy Boy

He is fat. He only eats red meat, chips, and candy. His parents worry about him. They ban him from eating fattening foods. They cook healthy meals only from now on. They eat oatmeal for breakfast. They eat fish, carrots, and vegetables for lunch. They eat chicken and salad for dinner.


42. Ferris Wheel

A ferris wheel is a huge rotating wheel. It has many seats. He sits on one of them. His seat is yellow. He is excited. He puts his seatbelt on. He holds on to the metal bar. He wants to be safe. The wheel moves. He starts to go up higher and higher. He looks down. The people are so small. The view is so nice.


43. More Money

She gets an allowance from her parents. They give her $10 a week. She wants more. She asks her parents nicely. They say no. She tries to change their minds. She washes their cars. She makes them dinner. She compliments them. Her parents decide to give her a raise. She will get $15 a week.


44. Loving Dance

She loves to dance. She dances on her school’s team. She dances after school. She loves to dance in her room. She loves to dance in the kitchen. She even loves to dance in the bathroom. Anyone can see that she is passionate. People say she is the best dancer in the world.


45. A Fun Sleepover

She sleeps over at a friend’s house. They do a lot of fun activities. They fight with their pillows. They roast marshmallows over a fire. They sing songs. They watch movies. The movies are funny. They eat popcorn while they watch. They braid each other’s hair. They use sleeping bags. They fall asleep.


46. Apology

He does not like school. He hates his teachers. He hates learning. He hates his classmates. He picks on them. He bothers them. He rips up their homework. He steals their lunch money. One day, his teacher sees him being mean. She yells at him. She makes him say sorry to his classmates.


47. Glass of Milk on the Desk

A glass of milk is on the desk. It is near the edge. The child looks at the milk. The child wants to drink it. The cat looks at the milk. The cat wants to drink it too. They both walk towards the desk. The cat is faster. It jumps on the desk. The glass of milk tips over. The milk is all over the floor.


48. A Simple Gift

He wants to get something for his teacher. He has no money though. He gets creative. He goes to his backyard. He looks at his rose bush. He cuts a nice, red one. He puts it in a vase. He pours some water in the vase. His gift is complete.


49. Hide and Seek

John covers his eyes. Sandra finds a place to hide. John counts to ten. At “ten,” he opens his eyes. He tries to find Sandra. He walks around their room. He checks the kitchen. He checks under the bed. He checks the laundry room. He does not find her yet. Sandra is in their parents’ room.


50. Excited for the Mail

The boy waits for the mailman. A package is supposed to come today. He sits by the window. He sees the mailman walking. He goes outside. He says hello to the mailman. The mailman gives him the package. They say good-bye to each other. The boy goes back to his house.